Xylitbilanz während mehrstündiger Infusionen mit konstanten Zufuhrraten bei gesunden Menschen


Ten healthy volunteers were given a constant rate infusion of Xylitol, 0.5 g/kg body weight/h over five hours. Xylitol and uric acid in blood and xylitol in urine were determined at half-hourly intervals. Xylitol levels in blood increased up to 80 mg/100 ml. Xylitol excretion in urine averaged 22.1 per cent of the amount administered. Within 165 minutes… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01486771


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@article{Heuckenkamp2005XylitbilanzWM, title={Xylitbilanz w{\"a}hrend mehrst{\"u}ndiger Infusionen mit konstanten Zufuhrraten bei gesunden Menschen}, author={P U Heuckenkamp and Nepomuk Z{\"o}llner}, journal={Klinische Wochenschrift}, year={2005}, volume={50}, pages={1063-1065} }