Xitieshanite—A new ferric sulphate mineral

  title={Xitieshanite—A new ferric sulphate mineral},
  author={Xilin Li and Jingliang Zhou and Jiaju Li},
Xitieshanite is a new ferric sulfate mineral discovered in the oxidation zone of a Pb-Zn deposit at Xitieshan, Qinghai Province, China. The typical crystal of xitieshanite is a rhombic rectangle. It is bright green in colour with a light yellow tint. Luster vitrous Translucent to almost transparent. Streak yellow. Cleavage imperfect. Fracture uneven or conchoidal. H. (Vickers)=62.6kg/mm2. Specific gravity=1.99obs(2.02calc,) Pleochroism strong, and axial colours: X=colourless to pale yellow, Y… CONTINUE READING