Xenoestrogenic chemicals effectively alter sperm functional behavior in mice.

  title={Xenoestrogenic chemicals effectively alter sperm functional behavior in mice.},
  author={Y J Park and E. A. Mohamed and Woo-Sung Kwon and Young-Ah You and Buom-Yong Ryu and Myung-Geol Pang},
  journal={Reproductive toxicology},
  volume={32 4},
Xenoestrogenic compounds (XCs) can disrupt endogenous hormone function and affect sperm function by binding to receptors on sperm membrane. Albeit spermatozoa are potentially a useful model for screening estrogenic activities of endocrine disruptors, high-quality in vitro test system that examination of the XCs effects on sperm function is required. The objective of this study was to compare the effects of XCs (genistein and 4-tert-octylphenol) to those of steroids (estrogen and progesterone… CONTINUE READING

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