Xanthone glycosides of Iris ensata


The p r e s e n c e of mangi fe r in and xanthones i somer i c with it in spec ies of the I r i s subdivision of Pogoni r i s and Apogon has been shown by Ba te -Smi th and H a r b o r n e [3]. It is obvious that the s imul taneous p r e s ence of these subs tances is cha rac t e r i s t i c for these sec t ions and is a taxonomic fea ture . The combined p r e s e n c e of these two i s o m e r s had been r epor t ed fo r spec ies of the genus H e d y s a r u m [4].

DOI: 10.1007/BF00563849

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@article{Blinova2004XanthoneGO, title={Xanthone glycosides of Iris ensata}, author={Ksenia Blinova and N. I. Kalyupanova}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2004}, volume={10}, pages={551-551} }