XXVII. On supersaturated saline solutions

  title={XXVII. On supersaturated saline solutions},
  author={Charles Tomlinson},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={659 - 673}
  • C. Tomlinson
  • Materials Science
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
The phenomena of supersaturation have been studied chiefly with reference to solutions of Glauber’s salt. In 1809, Ziz of Mayence showed that the sudden crystallization of these solutions is not due to agitation; that the vessels containing them need not be hermetically sealed, but if put under a bell-glass, or loosely covered as with a capsule, they can be preserved during a long time; that solids brought into contact with the solutions act as nuclei and produce instant crystallization…