XXIX. An inquiry regarding the parts of the nervous system which regulate the contractions of the arteries

  title={XXIX. An inquiry regarding the parts of the nervous system which regulate the contractions of the arteries},
  author={Joseph Jackson Lister},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={607 - 625}
  • J. Lister
  • Biology
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Great light has been thrown in recent times upon the nature of the influence exercised over the blood-vessels by the nervous system. In 1852 it was shown by M. Bernard that division of the sympathetic nerve in the neck of a cat, or other mammalian, was followed by turgescence of the blood-vessels of the ear, and increased heat of that part and of the whole side of the face, together with contraction of the pupil. Early in the following year Mr. Augustus Waller performed the converse experiment… 
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Joseph Lister: his contributions to early experimental physiology
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Joseph Lister's interest in nervous mechanisms led to innovative experiments on gut motility and the autonomic nervous system, from which he inferred that sympathetic nerve control was mediated via intrinsic neuronal plexuses in the gut wall, a mode of action confirmed 100 years later, in 1964–65.
The Place of Peri-Arterial Sympathectomy and of Ganglionectomy and Sympathetic Trunk Resection in the Treatment of Certain Vascular Diseases and Other Conditions
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1. Extensive callous varicose ulcer of the leg, in a woman of over 60 years of age, followed some weeks later by whole-skin grafting, and peri-arterial sympathectomy, which resulted in satisfactory healing.
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This paper is a plea for Joseph Lister to be given his rightful place as one of the founders of investigative dermatology.