XXIII. On the brain of the negro, compared with that of the European and the orang-outang

  title={XXIII. On the brain of the negro, compared with that of the European and the orang-outang},
  author={Frederick Teidemann},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={497 - 527}
I take the liberty of presenting to the Royal Society a paper on a subject which appears to me to be of great importance in the natural history, anatomy, and physiology of Man; interesting also in a political and legislative point of view. Celebrated naturalists, Camper, Soemmerring, and Cuvier, look upon the Negroes as a race inferior to the European in organization and intellectual powers, having much resemblance with the Monkey. Naturalists of less authority have exaggerated this opinion… 
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The fault in his seeds: Lost notes to the case of bias in Samuel George Morton’s cranial race science

The discovery of nearly 180-year-old cranial measurements in the archives of 19th century American physician and naturalist Samuel George Morton can address a lingering debate about the unconscious bias alleged in Morton’s comparative data of brain size in human racial groups.

Of differing methods, disputed estimates and discordant interpretations: the meta-analytical multiverse of brain volume and IQ associations

Brain size and IQ are positively correlated. However, multiple meta-analyses have led to considerable differences in summary effect estimations, thus failing to provide a plausible effect estimate.

Amazônia: naturalistas-viajantes, racismo científico e a inferioridade de indígenas e negros

A Amazônia, desde o século XVII esteve na rota e nos relatos de diversos naturalistas-viajantes europeus. Neste texto reflete-se sobre os relatos elaborados por viajantes que, em diferentes épocas,

Progress, Evolution, and Cellular Constitution

  • A. Dröscher
  • Biology
    Plants and Politics in Padua During the Age of Revolution, 1820–1848
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