XV. Some experiments on substances resisting putrefaĉtion

  title={XV. Some experiments on substances resisting putrefaĉtion},
  author={John Martin Douglas Pringle},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
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  • J. Pringle
  • History
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Tho' an Inquiry into the manner how bodies are resolved by putrefaĉtion, with the means of accelerating or preventing that process, has been reckoned not only curious, but useful (a), yet we find it little prosecuted in an experimental way: Nor is it to be wonder'd at, considering how offensive such operations are: wherefore, as I have been led to make some experiments and remarks on this subjeĉt, from the accident of having had an uncommon number of putrid distempers under my care in the… 
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The medical bequest of the Anson voyage was not only the detailed descriptions of nutritional deficiency diseases in their various guises, but in the spirit of inquiry it generated, the recognition of a need for research and continuing postgraduate education and the requirement for evidence-based medicine.
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The results indicate that for patients of either sex with normal haemoglobins the relation between the ESR and the Hb is trivial and of no interpretive importance.
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ZusammenfassungFür die Geschichte der „Antisepsis” stehen die Namen Pringle, Lister, Billroth, Koch, Kocher, von Volkmann, von Nussbaum, Schloffer und Carrel. Nach den revolutionären Anfangserfolgen