XV.—On certain peculiarities in the Cervical Vertebræ of the Ichthyosaurus, hitherto unnoticed.

  title={XV.—On certain peculiarities in the Cervical Vertebr{\ae} of the Ichthyosaurus, hitherto unnoticed.},
  author={P. G. Egerton},
  journal={Transactions of the Geological Society},
  pages={187 - 193}
  • P. G. Egerton
  • Geology
  • Transactions of the Geological Society
  • Some of the facts contained in the present Memoir, were announced to the Geological Society in a short notice, read May the 13th, 1835*. Since that period I have followed up the inquiry by the examination of a great variety of Saurian relics; and I am now enabled to enter more fully into the details of those facts, the bare occurrence of which was all I could safely offer in the former communication. By the aid of the illustrations given in Pl. XIV, the anatomical details will, it is hoped, be… CONTINUE READING