XUV emission of the wire-plasma focus discharge

  title={XUV emission of the wire-plasma focus discharge},
  author={Pavel Kubes and Jozef Kravarik and Daniel Kl{\'i}r and Marian Paduch and Krzysztof A. Tomaszewski and Elzbieta Skladnik-Sadowska and M. Sadowski},
  journal={Czechoslovak Journal of Physics},
The paper describes experimental studies of x-ray pulses generated by the implosion of the current-sheath upon a sufficiently thick carbon fibre. The list of the XUV lines of the highly charged C- and O-ions, framing pictures taken within the x-ray and visible range, as well as oscillograms of the PIN diode signals are presented. Emitted x-ray energy, electron temperature values and a density of the plasma corona at the moment of the pulse emission are estimated.