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XSS-FP: Browser Fingerprinting using HTML Parser Quirks

  title={XSS-FP: Browser Fingerprinting using HTML Parser Quirks},
  author={Erwan Abgrall and Yves Le Traon and Martin Monperrus and Sylvain Gombault and Mario Heiderich and Alain Ribault},
  • Erwan Abgrall, Yves Le Traon, +3 authors Alain Ribault
  • Published in ArXiv 2012
  • Computer Science
  • There are many scenarios in which inferring the type of a client browser is desirable, for instance to fight against session stealing. This is known as browser fingerprinting. This paper presents and evaluates a novel fingerprinting technique to determine the exact nature (browser type and version, eg Firefox 15) of a web-browser, exploiting HTML parser quirks exercised through XSS. Our experiments show that the exact version of a web browser can be determined with 71\% of accuracy, and that… CONTINUE READING

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