XMM-Newton wide-field survey in COSMOS field (Cappelluti+, 2009)

  title={XMM-Newton wide-field survey in COSMOS field (Cappelluti+, 2009)},
  author={Nico Cappelluti and Matteo Brusa and Guenther Hasinger and Alberto Comastri and Gianni Zamorani and Alexis Finoguenov and Roberto Gilli and Simonetta Puccetti and Takamitsu Miyaji and Mayara Salvato and Cristian Vignali and Thomas Lytell Aldcroft and Hans R. Boehringer and Hansheiri Brunner and Francesca Maria Civano and Martin S. Elvis and Fabiola Fiore and Antonella Fruscione and Richard E. Griffiths and Lina Guzzo and Alessandro Iovino and Anton M. Koekemoer and Vicenzo Mainieri and Nicholas Zabriskie Scoville and Patrick Shopbell and Jordan D Silverman and Claudia M. Urry},

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