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XMM-Newton observations of the Be/X-ray transient A0538-66 in quiescence

  title={XMM-Newton observations of the Be/X-ray transient A0538-66 in quiescence},
  author={Peter Kretschmar and J{\"o}rn Wilms and Ruediger Staubert and Ingo Kreykenbohm and William Adams Heindl},
We present XMM-Newton observations of the recurrent Be/X-ray transient A0538-66, situated in the Large Magellanic Cloud, in the quiescent state. Despite a very low luminosity state of (5-8)E33 ergs/s in the range 0.3-10 keV, the source is clearly detected up to ~8 keV. and can be fitted using either a power law with photon index alpha=1.9+-0.3 or a bremsstrahlung spectrum with kT=3.9+3.9-1.7 keV. The spectral analysis confirms that the off-state spectrum is hard without requiring any soft… 

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