XIV Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação (ENANCIB 2013) GT 8: Informação e Tecnologia Pôster PROPOSTA DE ANÁLISE DO EBOOK EM 4 ASPECTOS

  title={XIV Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ci{\^e}ncia da Informaç{\~a}o (ENANCIB 2013) GT 8: Informaç{\~a}o e Tecnologia P{\^o}ster PROPOSTA DE AN{\'A}LISE DO EBOOK EM 4 ASPECTOS},
  author={Marcos Luiz Mucheroni and Jun N. Andr{\'e}},
This work is a reflection on the emergence of the eBook from three aspects proposed by Chartier: technical, morphological and material, and a fourth aspect were added: the epistemological-ontological. The transformation undergone by the manuscript to the printed book is seen by the point of view of production in scale, and cannot even be considered as a material change, since books were expensive and were still very similar to the medieval manuscript. The technical change came later with the… CONTINUE READING


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