XIII.—Crystal Growth of Forsteritic Olivine in Magmas and Melts

  title={XIII.—Crystal Growth of Forsteritic Olivine in Magmas and Melts},
  author={Harald Irving Drever and Robert Johnston},
  journal={Transactions of The Royal Society of Edinburgh-earth Sciences},
One of the writers' main aims has been to help to prepare the way for a new approach to problems in which the natural occurrence of forsteritic olivines is a vital factor. Variation in their shapes and textural relations in minor intrusions, lavas and melts is examined and the historical development of concepts of their growth and resorption, particularly in magmas, is traced. Particular attention is focused on the olivines of picritic, minor intrusions. It is concluded that in the… Expand
Dendritic Crystallization: A Single Process for all the Textures of Olivine in Basalts?
The olivine macrocrysts found in oceanites, picrites and magnesian basalts erupted at hotspot volcanoes are generally interpreted either as phenocrysts crystallized from the magma or as xenocrystsExpand
Quartz crystals in Toba rhyolites show textures symptomatic of rapid crystallization
Abstract Textural and chemical heterogeneities in igneous quartz crystals preserve unique records of silicic magma evolution, yet their origins and applications are controversial. To improve ourExpand
A developmental model of olivine morphology as a function of the cooling rate and the degree of undercooling
We performed dynamic crystallization experiments in the CMAS system at 1 atm to investigate the evolution of the morphology of forsterite crystals as a function of cooling rate and degree ofExpand
Minor dikes 8–70 cm thick of ankaramitic composition were emplaced late in the crystallization of the Greenhills Complex, a layered dunite – wehrlite – hornblende gabbronorite intrusion of PermianExpand
Crystal growth in incongruently-melting compositions : programmed cooling experiments with diopside
Programmed cooling experiments using a synthetic diopside glass and constant cooling rates of from l0o to 300oC,/hr first crystallize forsterite and then with decreasing temperature clinopyroxene +Expand
Plume-Associated Ultramafic Magmas of Phanerozoic
the importance of ultramafic magmatism is often diminA parameterization of experimental data in the 0·2–7·0 GPa pressure range constrains both forward models of potential primary ished in models ofExpand
Plume-Associated Ultramafic Magmas of Phanerozoic Age
the importance of ultramafic magmatism is often diminA parameterization of experimental data in the 0·2–7·0 GPa pressure range constrains both forward models of potential primary ished in models ofExpand
Chemistry of the Shiant Isles Main Sill, NW Scotland, and Wider Implications for the Petrogenesis of Mafic Sills
Major and trace element data for the Tertiary, Shiant Isles Main Sill, NW Scotland, are used to discuss its complex internal differentiation. Vertical sections through the sill exhibit sharp breaksExpand
West Greenland Glass in Picrite – Low-pressure Cotectic Differentiates or Independent Compositions ?
The title of Larsen & Pedersen (2009) speaks to the tug that picrites have on the petrological conscience, extant at least since O’Hara (1968), but perhaps even before (Drever & Johnston, 1957),Expand
Capture of Helium and Other Volatiles during the Growth of Olivine Phenocrysts in Picritic Basalts from the Juan Fernandez Islands
Olivine crystals in basalt contain helium that can be extracted for isotopic analysis. Helium-bearing olivine phenocrysts in picritic tholeiites from the Juan Fernandez Islands, SE Pacific,Expand


On the Growth of Crystals in Igneous Rocks after their Consolidation
  • J. W. Judd
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
  • 1889
Three years ago, in describing some basic igneous rocks from Scotland and Ireland, I expressed my conviction that a part, at least, of the structures known as micropegmatitic and granophyric wereExpand
The layered ultrabasic tocks of Rhum, Inner Hebrides
  • G. M. Brown
  • Biology
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The ultrabasic rocks of Rhum were re-mapped over an area of 3 square miles, including Hallival and Askival, the highest mountains of the island, to reconsider its manner of origin in the light of modern petrological research, especially recent work on layered intrusions. Expand
Contributions to the petrography of the Sandwich Islands
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FOR some time the need of a text-book of general petrology in English has been acutely felt, owing to the rapid progress which the science has made in theoretical subjects and the inaccessibility ofExpand
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Some aspects of magmatic evolution
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Summary The address is concerned with some aspects of magmatic evolution in volcanic successions, and includes particularly a discussion of the nature and genetic relations of primary and derivativeExpand
Unusual Olivine in Basalt near Auckland New Zealand
Within a radius of I2 miles from the center of the city of Auckland there is a cluster of about sixty basaltic cones or craters of Pleistocene to sub-Recent age, all composed of olivine-rich basaltsExpand
Composition and origin of basaltic magma of the Hawaiian Islands
Abstract Silica-saturated basaltic magma is the source of the voluminous lava flows, erupted frequently and rapidly in the primitive shield-building stage of activity, that form the bulk of eachExpand
The clinopyroxenes of the Garbh Eilean sill, Shiant isles
The reinvestigation of the rocks of the Shiant isles, off the west coast of Scotland, which began with a study of the olivines, now continues with the clinopyroxenes. Optical and chemical data areExpand
The Karroo dolerites represent the intrusive phase of the early Jurassic basalts which built up the Basutoland lava plateau. Those in the Union of South Africa are described. Both basalts andExpand