XI. Radioactivity produced in substances by the action of thorium compounds

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  • Published 1 February 1900
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophical Magazine Series 1
Cosmological"constant"in a universe born in the metastable false vacuum state
The cosmological constant Λ is a measure of the energy density of the vacuum. Therefore properties of the energy of the system in the metastable vacuum state reflect properties of Λ = Λ( t ) . We
Quantum Random Self-Modifiable Computation
This work demonstrates an x-machine Q(x) that has at least one evolutionary path, which suggests that David Hilbert was not misguided to propose in 1900 that mathematicians search for finite processes to help construct mathematical proofs.
Half-life measurement of 212Pb by means of a liquid scintillator-based 220Rn trap.
  • K. Kossert
  • Physics
    Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine
  • 2017
Quantum mechanical look at the radioactive-like decay of metastable dark energy
We derive the Shafieloo, Hazra, Sahni and Starobinsky (SHSS) phenomenological formula for the radioactive-like decay of metastable dark energy directly from the principles of quantum mechanics. To
An attachable alpha spectrometer for research , fast retrospective dosimetry , and measurement of low-level surface contamination +
Most naturally occurring radioactive materials contain alpha emitters. They are widespread in air, water and solids, and often of economic importance. Strict radiation protection regulations, as well
Radioactive Decay Chains
Unique decay characteristics of the first isotopes were measured before the concept of isotopes was developed. The chapter describes the first observations of radioactivity and the subsequent
‘Keeping in the race’: physics, publication speed and national publishing strategies in Nature, 1895–1939
  • M. Baldwin
  • Physics
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 2013
It is argued that the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ernest Rutherford was instrumental in establishing the pattern of submissions to the ‘Letters to the editor’ that would eventually be adopted by scientists from diverse fields and from laboratories around the world.
The discussion between P. Curie and E. Rutherford (1900–1904)
AbstractA serious discussion took place between P. Curie in Paris and E. Rutherford in Montreal from 1900 until 1904 through the medium of scientific publications. P. and M. Curie had observed that