X-rays and the monkey fetal retina.


tools which can be used not only to elucidate the ultimate mechanisms of drug action, but also to tell us more concerning the manner in which the eye puts itself together. In the case of avian embryos, techniques are already at hand for infusing water-soluble substances, either continuously or in a programmed fashion, into the extraembryonic vascular compartment. E. There is need to study the developmental genetics of the eye. The chains of influence represented in the flow sheets of ocular development which are currently being drawn begin in several instances at the level of protein synthesis. An exciting, if formidable, task remains in linking what we understand of the morphogenetic chain of command with yet earlier events occurring at the level of gene activation and protein synthesis. What is desperately needed is an experimental vertebrate whose generation time is relatively short, whose embryos are available in large numbers and are readily accessible to experimental manipulation at all stages of development, and whose chromosomes are suitable for cytogenetic study.

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