X-ray survey results and costs--A health officer's viewpoint. A preliminary report.


The obvious results of a mass chest x-ray survey from a health officer's viewpoint are:1. The early discovery of unknown cases of pathologic conditions of the chest-tuberculosis, neoplasms, heart abnormalities.2. Increase in the community's awareness of its tuberculosis problem.3. Opportunity to work closely with the medical society and the individual private physicians.4. Stimulation of all agencies in a community, health and non-health, to work together on a health project for the good of all of the people.5. Increased cooperation between the local department of public health and other health agencies in a community.6. Opportunity to underline to a staff of a local department of public health the importance of thinking in terms of the department as a whole, rather than in terms of respective divisions or bureaus.7. Opportunity to focus the awareness of the community on its public health services. In relation to costs, there are three aspects from a health officer's viewpoint:1. The planning, together with other agencies, of an adequate budget with full recognition of community resources.2. The planning for estimated expansion of tuberculosis control services both in terms of increased expense for maintenance and operation, and of assignment of personnel to survey staff with resulting curtailment or postponement of other programs.3. The planning for completion of the follow-up program of the x-ray survey and of future continued extension of the total tuberculosis control program as the result of increased community awareness of the tuberculosis problem.

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