X-ray phase contrast imaging of biological specimens with tabletop synchrotron radiation

  title={X-ray phase contrast imaging of biological specimens with tabletop synchrotron radiation},
  author={Stefan Kneip and Christopher McGuffey and Franklin J. Dollar and Michael S. Bloom and Vladimir V. Chvykov and Galina Kalintchenko and Karl Krushelnick and A M Maksimchuk and Stuart P. D. Mangles and Takeshi Matsuoka and Zulfikar Najmudin and Charlotte A J Palmer and J{\"o}rg Schreiber and W. Schumaker and A. G. R. Thomas and Victor P. Yanovsky},
  journal={arXiv: Biological Physics},
Since their discovery in 1896, x-rays have had a profound impact on science, medicine and technology. Here we show that the x-rays from a novel tabletop source of bright coherent synchrotron radiation can be applied to phase contrast imaging of biological specimens, yielding superior image quality and avoiding the need for scarce or expensive conventional sources. 

Survey on Contrast Enhancement Techniques for Medical X-Ray Images to Highlight The Abnormalities

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