X-ray crystallographic characterization of new soluble endohedral fullerenes utilizing the popular C82 bucky cage. Isolation and structural characterization of Sm@C3v(7)-C82, Sm@C(s)(6)-C82, and Sm@C2(5)-C82.


Three isomers of Sm@C(82) that are soluble in organic solvents were obtained from the carbon soot produced by vaporization of hollow carbon rods doped with Sm(2)O(3)/graphite powder in an electric arc. These isomers were numbered as Sm@C(82)(I), Sm@C(82)(II), and Sm@C(82)(III) in order of their elution times from HPLC chromatography on a Buckyprep column… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ja304867j


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