X-ray anomalous scattering investigations on the charge order in $\alpha^\prime$-NaV$_2$O$_5$

  title={X-ray anomalous scattering investigations on the charge order in \$\alpha^\prime\$-NaV\$\_2\$O\$\_5\$},
  author={St{\'e}phane Grenier and Ana Maria Toader and J. Emilio Lorenzo and Yves Joly and B{\'e}atrice Grenier and Sylvain Ravy and L.P.Regnault and Hubert Renevier and J. Y. Henry and J. Jegoudez and Alexandre Revcolevschi},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Anomalous x-ray diffraction studies show that the charge ordering in $\alpha^\prime$-NaV$_2$O$_5$ is of zig-zag type in all vanadium ladders. We have found that there are two models of the stacking of layers along \emph{c-}direction, each of them consisting of 2 degenerated patterns, and that the experimental data is well reproduced if the 2 patterns appears simultaneously. We believe that the low temperature structure contains stacking faults separating regions corresponding to the four… 

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