X-cell pseudotumors in a hardhead catfish Arius felis ( Ariidae ) from Lake Pontchartrain . Louisiana . USA

  title={X-cell pseudotumors in a hardhead catfish Arius felis ( Ariidae ) from Lake Pontchartrain . Louisiana . USA},
  author={Ariel Diamant and John W. Fournie and Lee A. Courtney},
X-cell epidermal lesions are described from a single specimen of the hardhead catfish Anus felis (Ariidae). The lesions exhibited a n unusual growth pattern but did not involve any visceral organs. Histologically, the lesions resembled those previously described for coldwater f~shes . This is the first report of X-cell lesions from Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA, and the hardhead catfish represents the first warmwater species affected with the d ~ s e a s e . 

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