X-Rays in Art

  title={X-Rays in Art},
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A new digital radiography system for paintings on canvas and on wooden panels of large dimensions

  • A. GiudiceJ. Corsi N. Grassi
  • Art
    2017 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC)
  • 2017
The X-Ray system for Digital Radiography is integrated in a more complex apparatus that can be used also for computed tomography of voluminous objects up to 2.5 m in height and 2 m in width, making the apparatus developed in the neu_ART project a unique and comprehensive tool at conservators' disposal.

A new scanner for in situ digital radiography of paintings

The solution of the puzzle was separating devices devoted to different tasks, in order to maintain each item under 60 kg weight, thus being transportable with reasonable effort.

Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology

Cultural Heritage scientists need methodologies to examine Art and Archaeology in order to understand artistic materials and techniques and devise better conservation procedures. This review

Visual Practices Across the University

All images in this essay are copyright as indicated. The author, James Elkins, takes all responsibility for copyright issues. In 2005, I was working at the University College Cork in Ireland. Visual

X-Radiography of Knossian Bronze Age Vessels: Assessing our Knowledge of Primary Forming Techniques1

  • I. Berg
  • Art
    The Annual of the British School at Athens
  • 2009
This article investigates the potential of X-radiography for identifying primary forming techniques of Cretan Bronze Age vessels. X-radiography of 95 EM III through to LM II vessels from Knossos has

A quasi-monochromatic X-rays source for art painting pigments investigation

Monochromatic X-ray sources can be used for several applications, like in medicine or in studying our cultural heritage. We are investigating imaging systems based on a tuneable energy band X-ray

In vitro validation of a mobile Raman–XRF micro‐analytical instrument's capabilities on the diagnosis of Byzantine icons

A new mobile instrumentation that takes advantage of the simultaneous utilisation of two micro-analytical techniques (Raman and XRF) has already been effected within the PRAXIS European project