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X-Ray Studies of the Abell 3158 Galaxy Cluster with eROSITA

  title={X-Ray Studies of the Abell 3158 Galaxy Cluster with eROSITA},
  author={Brian P. Whelan and Thomas. H. Reiprich and F. Pacaud and E. Bulbul and Miriam E Ramos-Ceja and Jeremy S. Sanders and J. Aschersleben and J.Iljenkarevic and A. Veronica and Konstantinos Migkas and Michael J. Freyberg and Konrad Dennerl and M. Kara and A. Liu and Vittorio Ghirardini and Naomi Ota},
Context. The most nearby clusters are the best places to study physical and enrichment effects in the faint cluster outskirts. The Abell 3158 cluster (A3158), located at z = 0.059 is quite extended with a characteristic radius r200 = 23.95 arcmin. The metal distribution in the outskirts of this cluster has previously been studied with XMM-Newton. In 2019, A3158 was observed as a calibration target in a pointed observation with the eROSITA telescope onboard the Spektrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG… Expand