X-Ray Properties of the Point Source Population in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 5055 (M63) with Chandra

  title={X-Ray Properties of the Point Source Population in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 5055 (M63) with Chandra},
  author={Bin Luo and Jiyao Chen and Zhongli Zhang and Yu Wang and Jingying Wang and H. Matsumoto Department of Physics and Fudan University and Department of Engineering Physics and Shanghai Jiao Tong University},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics},
Using Chandra ACIS S3 data we studied the X-ray properties of low-and high-mass X-ray binary populations in the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 5055. A total of 43 X-ray point sources were detected within two effective radii, with 31 sources located on the disk and the rest 12 sources in the bulge. The resolved point sources dominate the X-ray emission of the galaxy, accounting for about 80% of the total counts in 0.3–10 keV. From spectral fittings we calculated the 0.3–10.0 keV luminosities of all… 
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