X Ray Induced Currents in Anthracene

  • I . TURIEL
  • Published 2013


A new method which avoids making measurements or applying an external voltage while the X-rays are on, was used in investigating the ionization process b y X-rays in organic crystals (tetracene and anthracene). The following results were obtained: The X ray induced current is linear with electric field strength over a large range o f field strengths and saturates at field strengths above 104 V / c m ; it is proportional to the intensity of irradiation and to the thicknes o f the sample for the same field strength; about 1500 eV are required to produce one charge pair in anthracene and 400 eV in tetracene. It was also found that the saturation field strength is independent of the X-ray intensity (the intensity was varied by a factor of ten). From these results it was concluded that recombination occurs mostly between the electron and the hole from which it was separated. It was also found that a large X r a y irradiation (8 x 105 ergs absorbed) produces trapping sites in the bulk of the crystal which trap charges and thus produce some bimolecular recombination.

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