X-Polarization array antenna with parallel feeding for WiMAX 3.55 GHz application

  title={X-Polarization array antenna with parallel feeding for WiMAX 3.55 GHz application},
  author={Raimi Dewan and S. K. A. Rahim and S. F. Ausordin and Hashimu Uledi Iddi and M. Z. A. Abd. Aziz},
  journal={2011 IEEE International RF & Microwave Conference},
An X-Polarization array microstrip patch antenna for WiMAX application is introduced in this paper. The array antenna operates at WiMAX frequency of 3.55 GHz. The substrate used is FR-4 with the thickness of 1.6 mm, relative permittivity of 4.5 and loss tangent of 0.019. The antenna use parallel feeding network to feed all the eight elements with coaxial port. The array has gain of 6 dBi, and directivity 8.754 dBi. The array antenna only requires single input port unlike conventional X… CONTINUE READING
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