X-Chromosomally inherited split-hand/split-foot anomaly in a Pakistani kindred

  title={X-Chromosomally inherited split-hand/split-foot anomaly in a Pakistani kindred},
  author={Mahmud Ahmad and Hasan Abbas and Sayedul Haque and Gebhard Flatz},
  journal={Human Genetics},
A Pakistani kindred comprising seven generations and 36 members with the split-hand/split-foot anomaly is described. The full expression of the trait, monodactylous or split hand and split foot, mainly of the lobster-claw type, was present in 33 males and 3 females. Other females showed a distinctly milder expression of the trait, usually in the form of partial syndactyly, metacarpal and phalangeal hypoplasia, and malformation. The distribution of the affected members in the pedigree is… CONTINUE READING