Wrońskian factorizations and Broadhurst–Mellit determinant formulae

  title={Wrońskian factorizations and Broadhurst–Mellit determinant formulae},
  author={Yajun Zhou},
  journal={Communications in Number Theory and Physics},
  • Yajun Zhou
  • Published 6 November 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Number Theory and Physics
Drawing on Vanhove's contributions to mixed Hodge structures for Feynman integrals in two-di\-men\-sion\-al quantum field theory, we compute two families of determinants whose entries are Bessel moments. Via explicit factorizations of certain Wronskian determinants, we verify two recent conjectures proposed by Broadhurst and Mellit, concerning determinants of arbitrary sizes. With some extensions to our methods, we also relate two more determinants of Broadhurst--Mellit to the logarithmic… 
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  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
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Let $p_{n}(x)=\int _{0}^{\infty }J_{0}(xt)[J_{0}(t)]^{n}xt\,dt$ be Kluyver’s probability density for $n$ -step uniform random walks in the Euclidean plane. Through connection to a similar problem in
Wrońskian algebra and Broadhurst–Roberts quadratic relations
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  • Mathematics
    Communications in Number Theory and Physics
  • 2021
Through algebraic manipulations on Wronskian matrices whose entries are reducible to Bessel moments, we present a new analytic proof of the quadratic relations conjectured by Broadhurst and Roberts,


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