Written out of History: Invisible Women in Intellectual Disability Social Work

  title={Written out of History: Invisible Women in Intellectual Disability Social Work},
  author={Christine Bigby and Dorothy F. Atkinson},
  journal={Australian Social Work},
  pages={17 - 4}
Abstract The field of intellectual disability is an important field of social work practice in both Britain and Australia. Yet this is also a multidisciplinary field in which the role of social workers, particularly women, in contributing to the lives of people with intellectual disability and their families has largely gone unnoticed. Focusing on England and Victoria, Australia in particular, this paper uses oral history interviews with long-standing social workers and documentary evidence… 
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  • Political Science
    Journal of intellectual & developmental disability
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This licence covers part of the Kanandra and Harts Range Geological Domains, straddling the Entire Point Shear Zone and is considered to be prospective for base metals, precious metals and industrial minerals.