Writing-to-Learn: Attitudes of nursing students at Sultan Qaboos University.


OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to assess the attitude of Omani nursing students towards writing-to-learn (WTL) and its relationship to demographic variables, self-efficacy and the writing process. METHODS A cross-sectional design was used to evaluate attitudes towards WTL by Sultan Qaboos University nursing students. A convenience sample of… (More)


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@article{Balachandran2014WritingtoLearnAO, title={Writing-to-Learn: Attitudes of nursing students at Sultan Qaboos University.}, author={Shreedevi Balachandran and Ramesh Venkatesaperumal and J. B. Esther Clara and Raghda K. Shukri}, journal={Sultan Qaboos University medical journal}, year={2014}, volume={14 1}, pages={e113-9} }