Writing the Body: Cosmology, Orthography, and Fragments of Modernity in Northeastern India

  title={Writing the Body: Cosmology, Orthography, and Fragments of Modernity in Northeastern India},
  author={Sohini Ray},
  journal={Anthropological Quarterly},
  pages={129 - 154}
  • Sohini Ray
  • Published 5 April 2009
  • Sociology
  • Anthropological Quarterly
This article looks at the orthographic debates within Meitei society, and shows how the cultural ideology of the sacred body was the pivotal factor by which the Meitei community made its orthographic choice. The article further elaborates on the importance of the human body image in Manipuri society, and how the body philosophy pervades different areas of life. It also examines how the philosophy of the sacred body is now secularized in children's alphabet books in order to be taught in the… 

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