Writing the Art, Archaeology and Religion of the Roman Mediterranean

  title={Writing the Art, Archaeology and Religion of the Roman Mediterranean},
  author={Philippa Adrych and Dominic Dalglish},

100 years of Dura Europos

  • J. Elsner
  • History
    Journal of Roman Archaeology
  • 2021
It was more than 100 years ago, in March 1920, that British troops camping in the ruins of some unknown ancient fort on the Euphrates, named Al-Salihiyah in Arabic, during the skirmishing that

The Spectrum of Religiousness, or What Makes an Object Religious. Habits, Patterned Evidence and Religious Meanings of Image-Objects in Pompeii

¿Cómo adquieren los objetos-imagen un significado religioso? ¿Cuándo podemos interpretar las fuentes materiales como restos de un ritual religioso? Estas cuestiones son fundamentales para la