Writing strategies and writers' tools

  title={Writing strategies and writers' tools},
  author={Daniel Chandler},
  journal={English Today},
  pages={32 - 38}
  • D. Chandler
  • Published 1 April 1993
  • Education
  • English Today
A survey-related classification of kinds of writing and writers, and people's preferences about the implements they use, from the pen to the PC 
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A study of the translation process through translators' interim products
This study will elucidate dynamic aspects of the translation process, by analyzing data obtained from an experiment with 4 translators and demonstrating that the way target texts are formed is shaped by the order in the source language syntax and that translator's interim product that emerges in the drafting stage is also much more faithful to the sourcelanguage.
Here and now: Self-revision in student translation processes from L2 and L3
The findings suggest that the distribution of revisions over the phases may be related to individual working habits and not to language pair.
Writing skills training for engineering students in large classes
First Year engineering students at the University of Edinburgh are taught Writing Skills as part of aProfessional Engineering Module. Particular difficulties are presented by the large class sizes
This small-scale pilot study of the translation process was conducted in order to work out the methodology for the future large-scale research and describe the effect of time pressure on the
ET: a thematic index, 1984–95
The thematic index of English Today is the second of three specialized 10-year indexes for ET\ to/through 40. It consists of 22 themes such as World English, Speech and pronunciation, and Computer
Seven Ways of Looking at a Data Set
A literary theorist, a biologist, an historian, a writing studies scholar, and a poet walk into a wine bar. The poet says, “I’ve got a stack of 1,223 handwritten questionnaire responses here in my
This study considers the pedagogical usefulness of failed translation. ‘Constructive failure’ and other instructional design techniques postulated in learning theory are considered in light of the


Composing Behaviors of One- and Multi-Draft Writers
A belief shared by teachers of writing, one that we fervently try to inculcate in our students, is that revision can improve writing. This notion, that revision generally results in better text,
Writers on Writing
Writers on writing
The Creative Process: A Symposium
On Being a Writer. Cincinnati, OH: Writer's Digest
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"Seeing it on the Screen Isn't Really Seeing It": Computer Writers' Reading Problems
  • Critical Perspectives on Computers and Composition Instruction
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The Writer and the Word Processor
  • London: Coronet/Hodder & Stoughton. Harris, M. 1989. 'Composing Behaviour of One-
  • 1984
Revising and Computing: Case Studies of Student Writers
  • ed., The Acquisition of Written Language
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