Writing for the end of the world

  title={Writing for the end of the world},
  author={Karlo Yeager Rodr{\'i}guez},
What apocalypse am I creating today? I feed two blank sheets of onionskin, carbon paper sandwiched between, through my typewriter’s platen. I stop a moment, remembering this joke. This guy gets on a bus, it starts, but I don’t write that. Instead, I begin my 302nd story about the end of the world. I stretch my fingers over the keys, looking out the window. When I first got this cabin, I chose it for its view of the pond, cradled by the mountains. Today, I’m choosing it for its isolation from… Expand
In Defense of Clichés: Life Writing as Iteration and Interrogation
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Global Technical Communication in 7.5 Weeks Online: Combining Industry and Academic Perspectives
  • T. Batova
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • 2018
Having a dedicated global TC course was very beneficial because it introduced students to concepts that they could further explore in other 7.5-week online courses, and students started posing critical questions to explore in future courses. Expand
Close Reading and Creative Writing in Clinical Education: Teaching Attention, Representation, and Affiliation
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