Writing and Difference

  title={Writing and Difference},
  author={Jacques Derrida},
The essays collected here provide English-speaking readers with a lucid and accessible introduction to the world of France's leading contemporary philosopher. A classic student textbook. 

Critical Literacy: Foundational Notes

This article traces the lineage of critical literacy from Freire through critical pedagogies and discourse analysis. It discusses the need for a contingent definition of critical literacy, given the

Understanding Play Practices: Contributions to the State of the Art [Panel Papers]

In classical literary theory it has been pointed out by several authors that the activity of reading fictional texts involves readers in interactions with at least at least one other person.

Struck stupid : 21st Century theatrical performance and the limits of a discourse.

University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. December 2011. Major:Theatre Arts. Advisor:Dr. Margaret Werry. 1 computer file (PDF); v, 229 pages.

James Joyce and the Difference of Language

This collection of essays offers an original look at Joyce's writing by placing his language at the intersection of various critical perspectives: linguistics, philosophy, feminism, psychoanalysis,

Reading and Righting: Carrying on the ‘Creative Writing Theory’ Debate

Working on the premise that better readers become better thinkers and thereby better writers, this paper enters the debate on the need to pursue ideas on ‘creative writing theory’. Critical reading

Creating a literate environment in Freshman English: Why and how

(1987). Creating a literate environment in Freshman English: Why and how. Rhetoric Review: Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 4-20.

Dissonant Voices : Philosophy, Children's Literature, and Perfectionist Education

Dissonant Voices has a twofold aspiration. First, it is a philosophical treatment of everyday pedagogical interactions between children and their elders, between teachers and pupils. More specifica

"A just and lively image" - performance in Neo-classic theatre criticism and theory

the general and the universal – which is the foundation of modernist thinking in Europe. For Bakhtin this type of thinking is the foundation of monologic literature. The ideal Neo-classic theatre is

The Performed Self in College Writing: From Personal Narratives to Analytic and Research Essays

This article describes how contemporary psychoanalytic and poststructuralist theories inform my teaching of writing. It suggests that the psychological and academic challenges confronting freshmen

Severed texts : aspects of aestheticization in Roland Barthes’ post-structural writings

recomposition, functions as a transitional construction of the text, sliding toward the hypothesis of the intertext upon which Barthesian post-structuralism is