Writing Modern Chinese History Inside Out: New Relational Approaches to (Un)thinking the Nation-State, Diaspora, and Transnationalism

  title={Writing Modern Chinese History Inside Out: New Relational Approaches to (Un)thinking the Nation-State, Diaspora, and Transnationalism},
  author={Els van Dongen},
  journal={Twentieth-century China},


Here in 'china' I Dwell: Reconstructing Historical Discourses of China for Our Time
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Imagining a Postnational World: Hegemony and Space in Modern China
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Recent Additions to the New Qing History Debate
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Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power
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Connecting seas and connected ocean rims : Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans and China seas migrations from the 1830s to the 1930s
List of Maps, Tables, and Figures Editors' Introduction, Donna R. Gabaccia and Dirk Hoerder Crossing the Waters: Historic Developments and Periodizations before the 1830s, Dirk Hoerder A World MadeExpand
The Politics of Imagining Asia
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