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Writing Code for NLP Research

  title={Writing Code for NLP Research},
  author={Matt Gardner and Mark Neumann and Joel Grus and Nicholas Lourie},
  booktitle={EMNLP 2018},
Doing modern NLP research requires writing code. Good code enables fast prototyping, easy debugging, controlled experiments, and accessible visualizations that help researchers understand what a model is doing. Bad code leads to research that is at best hard to reproduce and extend, and at worst simply incorrect. Indeed, there is a growing recognition of the importance of having good tools to assist good research in our field, as the upcoming workshop on open source software for NLP… 

PSSAT: A Perturbed Semantic Structure Awareness Transferring Method for Perturbation-Robust Slot Filling

Experimental results show that the proposed perturbed semantic structure awareness transferring method consistently outperforms the previous basic methods and gains strong generalization while preventing the model from memorizing inherent patterns of entities and contexts.

Interpreting Predictions of NLP Models

This tutorial will provide a background on interpretation techniques, i.e., methods for explaining the predictions of NLP models, and present a thorough study of example-specific interpretations, including saliency maps, input perturbations, and influence functions.