Writing Coaches: Their Strategies for Improving Writing

  title={Writing Coaches: Their Strategies for Improving Writing},
  author={Rita Breedlove Wolf and Tommy Thomason},
  journal={Newspaper Research Journal},
  pages={43 - 49}
Teaching techniques and writing improvement ideas of newspaper writing coaches—writing teachers who work with experienced professionals—is examined. Of the many techniques used, the one writing coaches judge most effective is the time-honored individualized tutoring: sitting down with writers and discussing their writing problems. Writing flaws are identified, then coaches demonstrate ways articles can be rewritten. They edit copy, make suggestions, show examples and prescribe good reading that… 

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I have known Gerald Grow for doubledigit years and met him at the ASMEsponsored, week-long visits to NY magazine offices. A member of the Magazine Division of AEJMC literally for decades, Gerald Grow

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