Wrinkling of soft magneto-active plates

  title={Wrinkling of soft magneto-active plates},
  author={Bin Wu and Michel Destrade},
  journal={International Journal of Solids and Structures},
  • B. WuM. Destrade
  • Published 23 July 2021
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Solids and Structures

Magnetoelastic instabilities in soft laminates with ferromagnetic hyperelastic phases

Effects of loading rate, applied shear strain, and magnetic field on stress relaxation behavior of anisotropic magnetorheological elastomer

Abstract Experimental research and numerical computation of stress relaxation behavior of an anisotropic magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) have been conducted in this paper. The anisotropic MRE has



Instability of a magnetoelastic layer resting on a non-magnetic substrate

A refined theory of magnetoelastic buckling matches experiments with ferromagnetic and superparamagnetic rods

A magnetic “stick–slip” model is proposed to explain the sudden bending transition of an elastic rod experiencing a uniform induction field applied at a normal angle with respect to its long axis and it is demonstrated that the magnetoelastic buckling corresponds to a classical Landau second-order transition.

Magnetic field induced deformation and buckling of slender bodies

Magnetoelastic buckling of a rectangular block in plane strain

Incremental Magnetoelastic Deformations, with Application to Surface Instability

In this paper the equations governing the deformations of infinitesimal (incremental) disturbances superimposed on finite static deformation fields involving magnetic and elastic interactions are

Two-field surface pattern control via marginally stable magnetorheological elastomers.

The magnetoelastic coupling allows for reversible on/off control of surface wrinkling under adjustable critical magnetic and mechanical fields, thus this study constitutes a first step towards realistic active haptic and morphing devices.