Wrapper Generation for Web Accessible Data Sources


There is an increase in the number of data sources that can be queried across the WWW. Such sources typically support HTML forms-based interfaces and search engines query collections of suitably indexed data. The data is displayed via a browser. One drawback to these sources is that there is no standard programming interface suitable for applications to submit queries. Second, the output (answer to a query) is not well structured. Structured objects have to be extracted from the HTML documents which contain irrelevant data and which may be volatile. Third, domain knowledge about the data source is also embedded in HTML documents and must be extracted. To solve these problems, we present technology to define and (automatically) generate wrappers for Web accessible sources. Our contributions are as follows: (1) Defining a wrapper interface to specify the capability of Web accessible data sources. (2) Developing a wrapper generation toolkit of graphical interfaces and specification languages to specify the capability of sources and the functionality of the wrapper. (3) Developing the technology to automatically generate a wrapper appropriate to the Web accessible source, from the specifications.

DOI: 10.1109/COOPIS.1998.706180

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