Wound fluids: a reflection of the state of healing.

  title={Wound fluids: a reflection of the state of healing.},
  author={Lisa F Staiano-Coico and Paul J. Higgins and Shari Schwartz and A J Zimm and Joana Gonçalves},
  journal={Ostomy/wound management},
  volume={46 1A Suppl},
  pages={85S-93S; quiz 94S-95S}
Analyzing acute and chronic wound fluids provides an important and intriguing insight into the wound milieu. This review outlines some of the salient features of wound repair and the wound fluid environment. Most studies support the premise that the contents of the wound fluid reflect the status of the wound and can be indicative of whether a wound is on the course of a normal or impaired response to injury. For example, chronic wound fluids often differ from acute wound fluids in their… CONTINUE READING

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