Worshipping Breasts in the Maternal Landscape of India

  title={Worshipping Breasts in the Maternal Landscape of India},
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The female breast as a motif has played an important part in Hindu Brahmanical worship and representation since the Indus Valley Civilization. Nevertheless, breasts and their representation as icons in the Brahmanical imagination have been neglected in art historical scholarship, which has tended to focus on the lingam (phallus) and the yoni (vulva) as the archetypal symbols of fertility in the religious imagery of India. This essay will provide an introduction to the role of breasts as… 

Effect of Body Image Satisfaction on Outcomes Among Women Undergoing Different Types of Breast Surgeries

There is a significant differences improvement throughout implementation of body image satisfaction on outcomes for female with different types of breast surgeries.



Scandalizing the Goddess at Kodungallur

The Cock Festival (or Minam Bharani Festival) at Sri Kurumba Kavu in central Kerala is known for the raucous, erotic, and insulting devotional practices of its participants. Thousands of devotees

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