Worse than a big rip

  title={Worse than a big rip},
  author={Mariam Bouhmadi-L{\'o}pez and P. F. Gonz{\'a}lez-D{\'i}az and Prado Mart{\'i}n-Moruno},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
Astronomical bounds on a future Big Freeze singularity
It was recently found that dark energy in the form of phantom generalized Chaplygin gas may lead to a new form of a cosmic doomsday, the Big Freeze singularity. Like the Big Rip singularity, the Big
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In this paper we study finite time future singularities in anisotropic Bianchi type I models. It is shown that there exist future singularities similar to Big Rip ones (which appear in the framework
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The Little Sibling of the Big Rip is a cosmological abrupt event predicted by some phantom cosmological models that could describe our Universe. When this event is approached the observable Universe
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The little rip is a cosmological abrupt event predicted by some phantom dark energy models that could describe the future evolution of our Universe. This event can be interpreted as a big rip
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We show that regular changes of signature on brane-worlds in AdS5 bulks may account for some types of the recently fashionable sudden singularities. Therefore, the fact that the Universe seems to
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Cosmological observations allow the possibility that dark energy is caused by phantom fields. These fields typically lead to the occurrence of singularities in the late Universe. We review here the
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Due to the accelerated expansion of the universe, the possibilities for the formation of singularities has changed from the classical Big Bang and Big Crunch singularities to include a number of new
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There exist dark-energy models that predict the occurrence of a “little rip”. At the point of a little rip the Hubble rate and its cosmic time derivative approach infinity, which is quite similar to
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An induced gravity brane-world model is considered herein. A Gauss-Bonnet term is provided for the bulk, whereas phantom matter is present on the brane. It is shown that a combination of infra-red


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It is known that certain quantum cosmological models present quantum behavior for large scale factors. Since quantization can suppress past singularities, it is natural to inquire whether quantum
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The existence of phantom energy in a universe which evolves to eventually show a big rip doomsday is a possibility which is not excluded by present observational constraints. In this paper it is
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We consider the hypothesis that the transition to an accelerated period in the current universe involves a quantum mechanical process. We identify a minisuperspace configuration with two Lorentzian
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As it follows from the classical analysis, the typical final state of a dark energy universe where a dominant energy condition is violated is a finite-time, sudden future singularity (a big rip). For
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Recent developments in the physics of extra dimensions have opened up new avenues to test such theories. We review cosmological aspects of brane world scenarios such as the Randall–Sundrum brane