Worldwide alteration of lake mixing regimes in response to climate change

  title={Worldwide alteration of lake mixing regimes in response to climate change},
  author={R. I. Woolway and C. J. Merchant},
  journal={Nature Geoscience},
  • R. I. Woolway, C. J. Merchant
  • Published 2019
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature Geoscience
  • Lakes hold much of Earth’s accessible liquid freshwater, support biodiversity and provide key ecosystem services to people around the world. However, they are vulnerable to climate change, for example through shorter durations of ice cover, or through rising lake surface temperatures. Here we use a one-dimensional numerical lake model to assess climate change impacts on mixing regimes in 635 lakes worldwide. We run the lake model with input data from four state-of-the-art model projections of… CONTINUE READING
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