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World catalogue of insects. Volume 8: Coleophoridae, Coleophorinae (Lepidoptera).

  title={World catalogue of insects. Volume 8: Coleophoridae, Coleophorinae (Lepidoptera).},
  author={Giorgio Baldizzone and Hugo van der Wolf and Jean-François Landry},
A Coleophora frischella fajcsoport újabb képviselői Magyarországon New species of Coleophora in the frischella group from Hungary (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)
The Coleophora frischella-species group, which includes eight Hungarian species, is revised the authors and the habitats and the Hungarian distribution of the species are analyzed.
New data to the Microlepidoptera fauna of Hungary, part XII. (Lepidoptera: Lypusidae, Bucculatricidae, Yponomeutidae, Depressariidae, Coleophoridae, Blastobasidae, Autostichidae, Gelechiidae, Tortricidae).
The former Hungarian records of four species, Coleophora serratulella HERRICH-SCHÄFFER, 1854, Athrips amoenella (FREY, 1882), Scrobipalpa arenbergeri POVOLNÝ, 1973 are confirmed and the newly recorded species are added to a revised on-line checklist of Microlepidoptera of Hungary.
Shared but overlooked: 30 species of Holarctic Microlepidoptera revealed by DNA barcodes and morphology.
This study reports 30 species of Lepidoptera previously known from either the Palearctic or the Nearctic that are newly recorded as Holarctic and identifies 12 previously overlooked cases of species introductions, highlighting the power of DNA barcoding as a tool for biosurveillance.
Annotated checklist of the casebearers (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae) of Luhansk Region
The article provides an annotated list of species of casebearers (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) known from the Luhansk Region and two generic names are synonymized.
Lepidoptera of Canada
The known Lepidoptera of the provinces and territories of Canada are summarised, and current knowledge is compared to the state of knowledge in 1979, with Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia thought to show the greatest deficit.
On the fauna of Lepidoptera (Insecta) of the National Nature Park ‘Dvorichanskyi’ (Kharkiv Region, Ukraine) and its environs. Contribution 3
An annotated list of new records of butterflies and moths of the National Nature Park ‘Dvorichanskyi’ is provided, of which 174 are registered in the park for the first time, 116 are new records for Kharkiv Region, and 7 are new for Ukraine.
Genetic diversity and population structure identify the potential source of the invasive red clover casebearer moth, Coleophora deauratella, in North America
Insight is provided into the phylogeographic history of C.deauratella in North America and Europe and may help to identify a regional source of future classical biological control agents.
A checklist of Microlepidopter A occured in slov AkiA (lepidopter A: Microlepidopter A)
The latest checklist of Microlepidoptera of Slovakia is revised and supplemened with new records and updated in- formation and all new references regarding to changes of the Slovak fauna are added.
Coleophoridae from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)
Resumen en: An enumeration is given of Coleophoridae collected on the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain).>>>es: Se da una lista de las especies de Coleo...