World War One in Southeast Asia: Colonialism and Anticolonialism in an Era of Global Conflict

  title={World War One in Southeast Asia: Colonialism and Anticolonialism in an Era of Global Conflict},
  author={Heather Streets-Salter},
Occupied Istanbul as a Cominternian Hub: Sailors, Soldiers, and Post-Imperial Networks (1918–1923)
Abstract Between 1918 and 1923, Istanbul was the capital of a defeated empire and occupied by the “interallied” forces composed of Britain, France, and Italy. Notwithstanding, or precisely due to,
A Genealogy of Terrorism
Using India as a case study, Joseph McQuade demonstrates how the modern concept of terrorism was shaped by colonial emergency laws dating back into the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
‘Buddhism Has Been Insulted. Take Immediate Steps’: Burmese fascism and the origins of Burmese Islamophobia, 1936–38
Abstract In light of the current Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, this article investigates the emergence of Islamophobia in colonial Burma. Focusing on the under-examined Islamophobic riots that broke
1913 in Indonesian History: Demanding Equality, Changing Mentality
Abstract In 1913, a new generation of Indonesians asserted their agency by publicly demanding equality in colonial society. Through four case studies—the prohibition of traditional forms of
Transnationalism and insurrection: independence committees, anti-colonial networks, and Germany’s global war
This article analyses the Indian, Persian, and Algerian–Tunisian independence committees and their place in Germany’s ‘programme for revolution’, Berlin’s attempt to instigate insurrection across the
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CGECAF. Viêt-nam, 1920-1945 : révolution et contre-révolution sous la domination coloniale
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The Art of Staying Neutral: The Netherlands in the First World War, 1914-1918
The Art of Staying Neutral geeft boeiende inzichten in de problemen en uitdagingen van neutraliteit in een tijdperk van 'totale oorlog'. Het boek zet uiteen hoe Nederland zijn neutrale status tijdens
Propaganda and empire
It has been said that the British Empire, on which the sun never set, meant little to the man in the street. Apart from the jingoist eruptions at the death of Gordon or the relief of Mafeking he
Hell in the Holy Land
In the modern popular imagination, the British Army's campaign in the Middle East during World War I is considered somehow less brutal than the fighting on European battlefields. A romantic view of
“Another Andalusia”: Images of Colonial Southeast Asia in Arabic Newspapers
This essay discusses changing images of island Southeast Asia and its Muslim populations in the modern Arabic press during the late colonial period. It commences by surveying the general