World Uranium Resources

  title={World Uranium Resources},
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Conceptual design of a fast neutron operated high power energy amplifier
"The EA operates indefinitely in a closed cycle, namely the discharge of a fuel load, with the exception of fission fragments, is re-injected in the sub-critical unit with the addition of natural
No . 152 Projecting Long – Term Primary Energy Consumption
In this paper we use the long–term empirical relationship among primary energy consumption, real income, physical capital, population and technology, obtained by averaged panel error correction
Long Term Sustainability of Nuclear Fuel Resources
The basic issue in considering the contribution of nuclear power to solving the world’s energy problem in the future is the availability of uranium resources and its adequacy in meeting the future
Transforming lanthanide and actinide chemistry with nanoparticles.
Two-pronged studies are focused on the use of nanoparticles free of lanthanides and actinides that are used for the detection, separation, or decorporation of f-block elements, as well as the nanoparticles that enhance the inherent properties of Lanthanide andActinide for therapeutics, imaging and catalysis.
Radioactive Residues of Uranium Ore Mining Requiring Special Monitoring
The following explanations relate to processing residues and their storage in various locations (tailings ponds) as a result of SDAG Wismut’s uranium mining operations in Saxony and Thuringia. These
  • Nuclear Power
  • 2019
Mitigating the Threat of Nuclear-Weapon Proliferation via Nuclear-Submarine Programs
  • F. von Hippel
  • Political Science
    Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Brazil is building a nuclear-powered attack submarine, South Korea has in the past asserted its need for nuclear-powered attack submarines to deal with the threat of North Korean
Balancing global water availability and use at basin scale in an integrated assessment model
Water is essential for the world’s food supply, for energy production, including bioenergy and hydroelectric power, and for power system cooling. Water is already scarce in many regions of the world