World Of Riders: Exercising is Fun


In the future, people will go to gym not only to workout, but also to have fun. Gym clients will not need to worry about their workout anymore, they will have different games that they can play by using different exercise devices. Those games are fun, engaging and effective. Players through a cooperative or competitive environment (depending on the game) can have fun while unconsciously exercising. Gyms will be a place of social interaction and fun for everybody. World of Riders1 is a first approach to make this prediction become true. World of Riders is a virtual reality (VR) based massive multiplayer online exergame, players join a match as soon as they start exercising, in the match they are able to see other players and they have to work together to defeat a boss. In order to play the game, the player have to move to certain areas on the map. The game is designed to let players vary their exercise intensity over time to implement a high intensity interval training. Players also are able to exchange items during the fight to help each other and so cooperation is one of the features of the game

DOI: 10.1145/2968120.2971807

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