World Food and Agriculture – Statistical Yearbook 2021

  title={World Food and Agriculture – Statistical Yearbook 2021},
  • Published 28 October 2021
  • Economics
Investigation of the Agricultural Status of Rural Areas within the Boundaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Since land, one of the natural life resources, is a scarce resource, it should be evaluated based on its potential. In cities with a rapidly growing population, residential areas tend to expand into
Aligning Policy Design With Science to Achieve Food Security: The Contribution of Genome Editing to Sustainable Agriculture
The need to meet the food demands of the world's growing population is the main challenge to global agricultural policy and economy. Issues in food security require innovative solutions. Modern
Towards an agricultural entrepreneurship development model: an empirical investigation in Namibia’s agricultural communities
Purpose Entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognised as a vehicle for bringing about the development of different economic sectors in various geographical regions, and it is believed to result
How food choices link sociodemographic and lifestyle factors with sustainability impacts
Perennials as Future Grain Crops: Opportunities and Challenges
Perennial grain crops could make a valuable addition to sustainable agriculture, potentially even as an alternative to their annual counterparts. The ability of perennials to grow year after year
Sugar taxation for climate and sustainability goals
Meeting environmental sustainability goals while simultaneously recovering from the health and economic crises arising from the coronavirus pandemic requires creative policy solutions. Sugar taxation
Risk factors associated with cassava brown streak disease dissemination through seed pathways in Eastern D.R. Congo
Vegetatively propagated crops are particularly prone to disease dissemination through their seed systems. Strict phytosanitary measures are important to limit the impact of diseases as illustrated by
Identification and Characterization of DNA Demethylase Genes and Their Association With Thermal Stress in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Analysis of wheat dMTase genes revealed differential gene expression patterns in distinct developmental stages and tissues as well as under heat stress (HS) and qRT-PCR analysis revealed that TadMTase gene expression differed amongst wheat cultivars with varying degrees of HS tolerance.
The Use of Mandarin-Biochar-O3-TETA (MBT) Produced from Mandarin Peels as a Natural Adsorbent for the Removal of Acid Red 35 (AR35) Dye from Water
A new biochar was produced from mandarin peel residues and its ability to remove Acid Red 35 (AR35) dye from wastewater was investigated. The production was achieved by dehydration with 50% sulfuric
Sunflower Seed Husk as Promising By-Product for Soil Biodisinfestation Treatments and Fertility Improvement in Protected Lettuce Crop
One of the major challenges in biodisinfestation treatments against soilborne pathogens is the selection of the proper organic amendments and mixture features. The use of agro-industrial by-products